Lisa Raye Talks Vivica Feud, Rev. Al Relationship

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lisaraye2 interviewed Lisa Raye about everything from why she wanted her own reality tv show to her tight friendship with Lil Kim, and her fall out with her former BFF, Vivica Fox.

Here are some excerpts below.

To watch FULL episodes of the actresses reality show, “The Real McCoy” on TV One, click HERE.

To read her response to those who refer to her as a “selfish gold digger,” click HERE.

On why she chose reality tv:

Coming off my divorce and how “you guys” kind of build us up to tear us down you have to kind of restructure and do a little damage control. I feel that people have built a false perception of me and in actuality don’t really know me. You need to hear the story from the horses mouth and I’m that horse.  It’s power in sharing your message at the end of it all it’s show business and I need to remain relevant.

On Her Divorce:

You think you know someone but you really don’t.

On being seen on Bossip:

I see y’all talk about me especially with the pictures but it’s ok.  I respect your job and what you do. You all are gossip columnists and I understand you have to have catchy subtitles for people to come. I never would of got in the business if I was a weak person. But we do need to counter that negativity and support each other more but big ups to you guys for trying to balance. Don’t blend in blending in is boring.

On her feud with Vivica Fox:

I don’t know what happened and I’m still confused about it. I don’t think about it as much as I used to until you guys bring it up.  But I do understand why you ask because she was apart of important parts in my life.  I don’t really know what happened. Just know that when you go through things and you expect people to be there for you it’s confusing and it’s painful. I’m confused about it.  I don’t know if I was going through too much drama for her to handle but you supposed to be there through thick or thin, a ride or die who has my back.

On Lil Kim being her Ride or Die friend:

Now you wanna talk about ride or die Kim was there for me then and she’s there for me now.  We just let our hair down and have fun.  We understand gossip the rumors and we know how to administer fun and then go away.

On Al Sharpton chopping her down:

I’ve been friends with Al Sharpton for 10 years now this relationship does not just extend from just the last year.  He is very intelligent so who better for me to be with when I’m going thorough something than him. Yea there was a relationship it’s a friendship.  It’s ok for you all to speculate.

On hitting the red carpet with actor Lance Gross at her premiere party:

Oh isn’t he a hottie. But I’m not a cougar or no puma either that’s not me. Am I open to dating yes I’m a fan of love so I’m kissing frogs trying to find my prince.  When I really get ready to date someone I won’t hide it from you guys you’ll know and you won’t have to catch it.

On being a sex symbol at 4o and her Black Men’s Magazine Cover:

At my age I want to let every 40 year old woman know that we got it together we can keep it together and let every 20 year old woman know that 40 is the new 20 so watch out. So that’s what Black Men’ s Magazine was for.  What happened was it was distastefully done I was sick with strep throat it was 23 degrees in the desert and I wasn’t feeling pretty and I wasn’t feeling sexy.  I was in character hamming myself up and they caught some inappropriate pictures. While I’m turning you may catch a crotch shot or my breast may be exposed, but you don’t use those. I already committed to doing bikini that’s like bra and panties, they made it to the point that I couldn’t even brag about it or be happy about it because it was done wrong.

On what’s next:

I have a social networking organization called B2B which means back to business and the purpose is to put us in a community base where we can barter with each other and be able to network and have fun.  I want to encourage everyone to come out to Puerto Rico on memorial weekend with us. And of course be sure to watch the show for me on TV One.

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