Tamar Braxton Opens Up About Plastic Surgery And Her Relationship With Toni

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Black Enterprise Magazine interviewed Tamar Braxton recently. Tamar, who is one of singer Toni Braxton’s sisters and co-stars of the hit reality show ‘Braxton Family Values,’ opened up about plastic surgery, jealousy among the Braxton sisters, and how to manage your money.

Here are some excerpts. Make sure to read until the end because no conversation with Tamar is complete without her adding .org or .com to make us laugh.

On whether she’s jealous of her sister, Toni:

This whole jealousy thing is ridiculous! Toni works really, really hard. I’m proud of her, not jealous of her. I don’t even want to be the same kind of artist. I care about my sisters and I’m so passionate about everything-especially them-so when people see me going off, it’s just my emotions. I want to see them win and be happy. Sometimes I feel like I want to learn from them rather than them learning things from me all the time. I know a lot of things I say are things my sisters don’t want to hear from their youngest sibling, but I say them.

She addresses rumors she’s had plastic surgery:

I believe in plastic surgery or anything you have to do to make yourself feel good. I’m all about self-esteem. I’ve had my nose done. I was born without cartilage in my nose and when I was 16 I had my first operation—an implant put in my nose. My father had the same surgery. The reason I had it done was because it was hard for me to breathe and I snored terribly. Itwasnotcute.org (laughs). Eventually the implant gave me headaches, so I had to have the cartilage from my ear put in my nose. I have to have it done for a second time, remove the cartilage and remove the implant, but it’s so painful that I’ve been putting it off. But I have to have it done.

Tamar’s biggest challenge in the music industry:

My biggest challenge [in the music biz] has been that everybody expects me to sound like Toni Braxton. I’m like, “she’s not here, and if you want Toni, then you’ll have to call her.” [That expectation] was a lot to get over and I had to pound it into folks’ heads that that’s not who I am. I wasn’t changing [for anyone]. I don’t want to sing R&B. I love rap, house-music of today that’s really poppin’!

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for….

Q. Before you go, what are your top Dotcoms on money management/financial fitness?

Saveyourmoneydot.com (laughs). Payyourtaxes.org and on time because you will get charged.org for real! Don’t maxyourcardout.com because you never know when you’re gonna need it. And getyourcreditright.com. Black families don’t teach their kids that enough. If you get your credit right, you’ll have a great life!

To read the rest of the interview, click HERE.

2 Responses to “Tamar Braxton Opens Up About Plastic Surgery And Her Relationship With Toni”

  1. Fee says:

    She’s had more than any nose job done! Get real, so you can be real, Tamarfullofit.com!!

  2. Chris says:

    ummmm, Tamar, being born “without cartilage” is called BEING BLACK! hello! Why isn’t she upfront and honest about her nose job intentions? Most (not all) african noses (as well as most Asian noses) are flat bridged and have lower nasal bridge height. The cartilage they use in ethnic rhinoplasty to build up African and Asian noses is either silicone implant or natural harvest ear or rib cartilage. They then put that onto the nasal bridge to give the appearance of height and sometimes, they narrow the nasal base, to decrease alar base width (nasal width), to “refine” the nose more.

    I know about this because I am Puerto Rican with african heritage (most Caribbean men/women are) and I used to hate my wide nose since the 1980s! With MJ and all the other black celebrities who chose to narrow their noses, I ended up succumbing to the temptation of having a more ‘westernized” eurocentric nose, because I thought it would make me look more attractive. What it did was totally erase my African-ness. It looks pretty natural (or so I think) but I don’t look myself anymore.

    I wish I could go back and undo the nose job but now that I have since embrace African pride and love for my heritage and unique wide ethnic beautiful features of our race, I no longer believe wide flat noses are ugly. Tamar seems to think so. I don’t believe that she did it to help her snoring. Oh sister, please! Now she claims Toni did it for the same reasons. Oh please. Yeah, and La Toya Jackson had snoring issues too?

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