(Video) WTF: Lisa Raye Asks Daughter For Inappropriate Kisses?

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lisa raye kaiIn the first episode of Lisa Raye’s reality show, ‘The Real McCoy’ on TV One, the actress revealed her uhm, penchant for kissing and nuzzling her 19 year old daughter, Kai, regularly and intimately. It came across to us here at HListed as bizarre, inappropriate and the kind of closeness and intimacy one normally expresses for a lover, not a daughter.

This is how Lisa Raye explains her “need” for these kisses: “Kai kisses, breathes energy into me. It’s a love that i’ve never had before.  It’s that unconditional mommy daughter love that I can’t do without.”

In subsequent episodes, Lisa Raye continued to kiss and demand kisses from her daughter, who seems uncomfortable by her mother’s behavior. In the most recent episode, she requested that her daughter give her 42 kisses that last 42 seconds each for her 42nd birthday.

“I have to kiss. I have to love. I have to touch,” Lisa Raye explains before adding:  “It’s almost like when you’re feening for sugar or sweets. If i don’t get it, I’m sick. I’m weak.”

But, we couldn’t help but think that if a man expressed affection that way towards his daughter we would conclude that his behavior was not only inappropriate but behavior consistent with that of a child molester.

Don’t believe us? Watch for yourself below in the beginning minutes of Episode 4… and tell us what you think….

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19 Responses to “(Video) WTF: Lisa Raye Asks Daughter For Inappropriate Kisses?”

  1. Turquoise says:

    It just love I can see if she was kissing her all on the lips but I think it’s cool but she needs so slow down just a lil bit tho

  2. eve says:

    its kinda what we dont see but i really dont think it has any sexual content at all on lisa, or her daughters side. we all have quirky things we do in our household, that would seem unusual to others whos on the outside of the household. im sure everyone has weird family things they do . so lets not blow this up to something it isnt . lisa loves her daughter , her only child. ive seen people kiss babies toungues and but cheeks etc. so…..what at least there not fightn like keisha cole and her mom .

  3. Kandice Johnson says:

    Uhhhhh, no ma’am!

  4. RED DIAMOND says:

    but her daughter is obviously very uncomfortable tho and she’s even stated that’s it “too much” and to me that’s what makes it inappropriate, she comes on too strong.

  5. Punche says:

    I said that this was innapropriate after the very 1st episode!! I asked all my friends on Facebook what they thought about it! Lisaraye is weird, and should NEVER have done a reality show. Now we see her for who she really is…WEIRD!!haha I feel sorry for Kai though…it’s obvious it makes her uncomfortable! And YES, if it were her dad, the whole WORLD would be losing it right about now!!!!! Let’s get real people!!

  6. CreepDetector says:

    ewwww she is a nasty creepy chester the molester! thats so inappropriate and its really messed up the way she guilts her child into letting her kiss all over her..then gets mad at her! she pressures that poor girl into something shes not comfortable with. who kisses on their child like that! looks kinda gay! shes like precious’ mother! COME TAKE CARE OF MAMA! lmao

  7. Bliss says:

    Shiiddd…I’m in my early twenties…she can molest me all she want..

  8. Layla says:

    Ok big deal!! She is showing love to her daughter…. my mom kisses me allllll THE TIME! There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with LisaRaye showing love and affection to/for her daughter…. So all you haters out there… you obviously need to be loved in order to understand!

  9. karina says:

    It is extremely inappropiate!! Wow who would of thought! Kissing and hugging ur daughter is normal but not to that point. She was trying to kiss her so closely to her mouth it is very disturbing. Anyone who thinks that is normal is extremely blind ,child abuse comes in different forms and its not just men that are doing it but WOMEN do it too. What’s worse is that is her own daughter just gross and disturbing!

  10. cecile says:

    Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one that noticed this. Something just isn’t right somewhere. You can even tell by the way the daughter cringes. The kisses are a bit too intimate for a basic mom-daughter kiss-kiss. I say restrict the kisses to the forehead Lisa Ray. If you need to be held…fondled and all what not..find a man!

  11. cha babe says:

    It is stupid to think that she is molesting her child. She just loves her daughter. It’s not sexual. Stop putting sex in everything. I feel it’s worse on children who have cold fish parents. I wish I had parents that showed me any kind of love. Kai knows she is loved. So what if most ppl aren’t that affectionate with their kids. To each their own. Kai definately loves her mother. I’m sure it may be a bit annoying for her, but they have a good relationship. So stop tripping and making this what it definately is not.

  12. regalchevas says:

    This is completely unfair! I understand what she means. I have an 18yr. old daughter whom I kiss and hug often EVERY day. I believe that when a child receives that love from home (parents), they don’t seek replacement love outside the home where other problems (teen pregnancy, domestic violence) could occur. My daughter’s head will not be turned by the first boy that says “you’re beautiful,” or “I love you,” because she knows from me how beautiful,special, funny, caring, loving, intelligent and pricless she is already. We need more parents who are affectionate with their children. My daughter knows I love her because I tell her everyday and I back it up with kisses, hugs and snuggles. It doesn’t make me a molester and I resent the fact that word was even used! Maybe Kai is ‘uncomfortable’ kissing her mom on camera? My daughter gets the same way in front of her friends or strangers. If you look at something like this and not see the beauty in it, then YOU need a hug and some kisses!

  13. Kris says:

    umm… I was uncomfortable for Kai when she was kissing her like that. I mean, come on! I would feel kind of violated if my mom kissed me like that. I guess Kai is used to that, but still she looked very uncomfortable. I am sure her friends have never seen Lisa kiss her in that way and now its on a reality show on top of that! How embarrassing! Whatever, she crossed the line with the affection. I didn’t like it and that just my opinion on the entire situation.

  14. Tereese says:

    I have read over the comments and I agree with several people. It is nothing wrong with showing your kids emotions and affection, IT IS NORMAL. However, the way that Lisa kissed her; even the look in her eyes, was not the type of look that most mothers have in their eyes when they kiss their kids. It simply was NOT. Her look was intimate, sexy even as though she was out with a male friend; kissing slowly, gently….all you mothers on here; do YOU kiss your kids like that??? OK! No one is saying that it is wrong to kiss your kids and absolutely, WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME. We do things in our ‘own homes’ that some folks may find, different, weird and or strange. However, as you may recall, THE DAUGHTER was even reluctant and said it was TOO MUCH. Do I feel Lisa is molesting her daughter? Absolutely NOT. I think she is simply an affectionate person and there is nothing wrong with that. She should simply respect her daughter’s wishes. She is not two or three years old! If she is uncomfortable with it, I think her voice deserves to be heard (regardless of what the public says) LISTEN TO WHAT THE DAUGHTER IS SAYING. If a man were doing this to his daughter, heck yes, people would think that he was having an inappropriate relationship with his daughter. It is just a double standard. As one person posted; yes, women do it as well (act inappropriate with their children), not just men. I had a male friend at a prominent radio station that was molested by his aunt when he was younger, so it does happen.

  15. Jessica says:

    Ok some of you are taking these comments the wrong way. No one is saying that you shouldnt show your children affection. There is just an appropriate way to do so and the way Lisa Raye displays her affection towards her daughter is not “APPROPRIATE”.. I’m sure her daughter feels very loved but in the end she will be “mentally” ill behind this simply because that is a creepy feeling. Again I’m not saying there is anything wrong with showing your kids affection but when it comes to you kissing your grown child on the lips for @least 10 sec with an intimate smile on your face is DISGUSTING!!!!!! point blank

  16. rainey says:

    This explains their relationship to a T. I’m 20 and my mom still kisses me on my lips…AND? All I know is I don’t have to look anyhere else for love because I get it right at home. http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?v=YZ27MRj-GS0

  17. Reailty says:

    A molester! Really? Get your mind out the gutter. Her relationship with her daughter is just that. Her relationship with her daughter. Who are u to say what’s appropriate or inappropriate in a relationship that doesn’t involve you. I think she is a very affectionate mother who loves her daughter. Why try to find fault in the way a mother loves her child. It obvious you people are the WEIRD ONES………….

  18. money says:

    Get over it ppl its her daughter its not like their having sex why can’t she have a great relationship that a daughter or a mother would love to have that great love of family. I don’t see ya’ll talking much about P.Diddy kiss is sons on the lips don’t know if he still do just like lil wayne and birdman have done that don’t know if they still do its more quote on quote celebs that do that why not focus on something more important its like ppl say and complain or don’t approve of certain things from whatever and forget that happened to them or still happen with their fam probably do it with there own kids how many ppl would love to have a loving bond and affection from there mother and/or father that don’t get it either cause there parent/s are cold didn’t have good relationships with there own parent/s or cause there arent/s are not on hs earth anymore or have deadbeat parent/s

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